Occupy Series

Emily’s current work is fueled by her lifelong attraction to fabric and pattern, coupled with a love of the handcrafted and appreciation for the decorative.  For this project, she explores the intrinsic symbolism of  fabric, pattern and it’s uses through men’s business suits- global symbols of structure, power, wealth.  She deconstructs and reconfigures the garments, once a vessel of corporate and government authority, into decorative floor coverings: objects of beauty, comfort and domesticity, the very opposite of the original function. Her work reflects the perception and complexity of current issues such as  income inequity, gender bias  and corporate influence.

CFO (Occupy Series)



I've Been Waiting For You, Obi Wan (2016) Deconstructed men's suits


If Wishes Were Horses...(Occupy Series) 2016 Deconstructed men's suits, economy grade carpet